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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Faculty & Staff 

Contact Information

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Mrs. Mandy Kirk Principal
Mr. Mike Desmier Business Manager
Mrs. Beth O'Shaughnessy School Secretary

Beech Acres Team

Tera Lampe Team Lead
Tina Goldrainer Therapeutic Service Provider
(Case Manager)
Alex Sharkey Therapist
Be Moore Family Peer Support Provider

Instructional Aides

Mrs. Karen Kunkel
Mrs. Michelle Morgan
Mrs. Michelle Blunk

Special Services

Mrs. Amy Hagedorn Auxiliary Tutor
Mrs. Mandy Blaut Title I Tutor
Mrs. Peggy Beardsley Title I Tutor
Mrs. Clare Koch Title I Tutor
Mrs. Stephanie Linemann Title I Tutor
Ms. Katie Rawlinson Title I Tutor
Ms. Deborah Connelly Intervention Specialist
Ms. Alison Gurtner School Psychologist
Ms. Caitlin Schneider Speech/Language Pathologist
Mrs. Molly Shewmaker School Nurse


Mrs. Cathy Lawson Cafeteria Manager
Cafeteria Webpage
Mr. Mark Friedman CRE
Mr. Jerry Schnetzer  Custodian

Primary Grades

Mrs. Nikki Cromer Rm. 14 Kindergarten
Ms. Kim Montgomery Rm. 15 Kindergarten
Ms. Annette Braun Rm. 6 1st Grade
Mrs. Beth Renick Rm. 5 1st Grade
Ms. Adrienne Horan Rm. 9 2nd Grade
Ms. Hannah Sexton Rm. 7 2nd Grade
Mrs. Maria Miller Rm. 10 3rd Grade
Mrs. Katie Branscum Rm. 8 3rd Grade


Intermediate Grades

Mrs. Terry Ogg Rm. 24 4th/5th Math & 4th Science
4th Grade Homeroom
Ms. Bernice Thompson Rm. 23 4th/5th Religion & 5th Science
4th Grade Homeroom
Ms. Maria Waltner Rm. 25 4th Language Arts, 5th Social Studies
5th Grade Homeroom
Mrs. Steffenie Brueneman Rm. 26 5th Language Arts, 4th Social Studies
5th Grade Homeroom

Junior High Grades

Mrs. Kim Vance Rm. 30 Reading/LA
Falco family 
Mrs. Diane Vidourek Rm. 31 Math
Leo family
Mrs. Joann Bedinghaus Rm. 33 Social Studies
Ursus family
Mrs. Amanda Mays Rm. 35 Reading/LA
Lupus family
Mrs. Jennifer Chouteau Rm. 34 Science
Tigris family
Mrs. Ruthie Hurley Rm. 32 Religion
Orca family


Mrs. Maria Abugosh
Mrs. Amanda Khambatta
Spanish Grades 6-8
Spanish Grades 4 & 5

Mrs. Debbie Mattingly
Library Grades K- 3
Library Grades 4-8
Mrs. Vicky Mentrup Technology
Mrs. Nikki Strange Art
Mrs. Christy Bingle Music
Mrs. Jamie Mitchell Physical Education