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Saturday, June 15, 2024

  Students participate in a weekly art class and have the opportunity to join the after school art club.

Scene from the 2015 Fall play The Mystery of Throckmorton Manor

Soarin' 2015 Christmas Concert at Assumption Church

Fine Arts Activities

Art Club
Along with a comprehensive arts curriculum, OLG has one of the best fine arts programs in the area. In art class, students are taught art’s major periods and learn how they align with world history by completing projects that complement our core curriculum. Students can continue developing their creative side with our after school Art Studio.

Drama Club
OLG also has one of the largest Drama Clubs in the area. Students in grades 5 through 8 are involved in producing 3 short plays each fall and a musical each spring. Students are involved in everything from set design to stage crew to performing on stage. Students lead the club and are moderated by OLG staff. There are many benefits that come from including performing arts in schools. Students create friendships across grade levels, learn empathy for others when they take on a new role and grow in poise and self-confidence.

Advanced Band
Students who have previously been involved in beginning band are invited to perform with more experienced musicians. They band meets once a week during the school day. Many advanced band students go on to participate in honor band, giving them the chance to connect with students from other Catholic Schools.

Beginning Band
Students in grades four through eight can learn to play and instrument and join the school's band.  This is a great way to get started on learning how to play an instrument. They band meets once a week during the school day.

Soarin’ is the name of the OLG Choir. All students participate in music class and grades 4 through 8 have the opportunity to join Soarin’, our school’s choir. Soarin’ meets weekly after school to prepare for a  Christmas and Spring concert, the Annual Talent Show and competitions.

4th Grade Choir
This choir is open to all students in the 4th grade. The purpose of this group is to offer students who enjoy singing, more opportunities to perform, to develop their singing voices, and to learn a wide repertoire of music. The choir performs a Christmas and Spring concert and at the OLG talent show as well.

Students in grades 5 through 8 are offered an opportunity to serve as cantors (lead singers) during the school’s weekly masses.

Second and Third Grade Christmas Pageant
The second and third grade Christmas Pageant is an annual event featuring every student in these grades. The children work on their singing and performing skills and entertain their family and friends in December with a new and charming program each year.

Special Guest Day Program
Each Spring students in first through third grades invite their special guests to school to share in a special program performed by all of the children. The program includes a prayer service followed by fellowship with all of the students and their guests.

Annual Talent Show
Students at all grade levels may audition for our annual talent show. The show is performed at the conclusion of Catholic Schools week each year. Acts have included singing, dancing, martial arts, instrumentals, comedy, magic acts and skits. The show is directed by OLG staff and emceed by our eighth grade students.