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Thursday, July 25, 2024

OLG Highlights

Bienvenida a Our Lady of Grace! Spanish is the latest addition to our core curriculum rounding out a strong academic program. Combined with a full range of fine art classes and clubs, our students have endless opportunities to challenge themselves, express themselves and be themselves. In the classroom, in the art studio, in the gym or on stage, our students shine!

Along with a comprehensive curriculum, OLG has one of the best fine arts programs in the area. In art class, students are lead through art’s major periods learning how art history aligns with world history completing art projects that help to reinforce core curriculum. Students also have the opportunity to continue developing their creative side with our after school Art Studio and Jr. High Art Club.

All students participate in music class and grades 4 through 8 have the opportunity to join Soarin’, our school’s choir. Soarin’ meets weekly after school to prepare for concerts and competitions. Students can also join beginning and advance band. Many students go on to participate in honor band, giving them the chance to connect with students from other Catholic Schools.

OLG also has one of the largest Drama Clubs in the area. Students in grades 5 through 8 are involved in producing 3 short plays each fall and a musical each spring. Students are involved in everything from set design to stage crew to performing on stage. Students lead the club and are moderated by OLG staff. There are many benefits that come from including performing arts in schools. Students create friendships across grade levels, learn empathy for others when they take on a new role and grow in poise and self-confidence.

Outside of our strong fine arts program, students are given the opportunity to lead in our Leadership Council, through our Buddy Program and in sports. Leadership Council leads the school through various service activities during the year. Older students are paired with younger students and participate in monthly projects together in our Buddy Program. Students can also choose to participate in a variety of academic teams and sports at OLG.

OLG’s diversity in activities and classes mirrors its diverse student body. While many OLG students are Catholic, 35% of them represent other faiths. Diversity helps all students develop an understanding of and appreciation for our multicultural world giving our students opportunities to challenge themselves, express themselves and be themselves.