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Monday, May 20, 2024

Support Services

Intervention Assistance Team (IAT)
The purpose of the IAT is to provide you and your child’s teacher with additional intervention strategies to assist your child in being more successful in his/her classroom.  At Our Lady of Grace, we believe that the intervention process is a very important part of helping our students overcome challenges and fulfill their potential. 

Below is a list of OLG Support Services and a brief description of their services

School Psychologist
Our School Psychologist supports our students' mental health, learning, and behavior in order to help them be successful in all areas of education. She collaborates with teachers and parents to create a safe, healthy, and supportive learning environment that strengthens the connections between home, school, and the community for all students. Please contacMrs. Angie Burris for more information.

Title 1 Tutor
We currently have three Title 1 Tutors at OLG that provide quality, supplementary academic assistance for students in grades kindergarten through eighth grades. They address specific educational needs of students; providing feedback regarding student progress, expectations, goals, and activities. They also collaborate with teachers and parents to improve the quality of student outcomes and develop solutions to achieve academic goals. Title 1 tutors at OLG are: Mrs. Stephanie Linemann, Mrs. Amy Hagedorn and Mrs. Katie Rawlinson.

Intervention Specialist
Our Intervention Specialist works with students that have been identified as having special learning needs. She collaborates with teachers to develop appropriate goals for these students. This can include providing assistance to any student in need of extra help in the classroom to collaborating with teachers in modifying lessons and assignments in order to best meet all students' needs. Please contact Mrs. Deborah Connelly for more information.

Speech-Language Pathologist
Our Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) assists students with communication problems that affect success in classroom activities, social interaction, literacy, and learning by developing and implementing goals and objectives for students who have language, voice, fluency, and articulation disabilities.  The SLP also collaborates with teachers and parents to ensure the coordination of services and participates in school wide literacy and intervention teams. Please contact Mrs. Linda Shore for more information.

School Nurse
Our full time Registered Nurse manages students’ day-to-day health needs, illnesses, medical emergencies, and health screenings. She also coordinates and oversees the distribution of medication as well as the Individualized Care Plan for students with chronic medical conditions, such as asthma, food allergies and diabetes. Medication forms can be found here, or you may contact Mrs. Molly Shewmaker for more information.

Additional Information
A list of commonly asked questions about the IAT process can be found here: Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) FAQs.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact your child’s classroom teacher(s) or the school psychologist, Mrs. Angie Burris (931-3070 or