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Saturday, October 16, 2021



Technology is such an important part of your child's future and here at Our Lady of Grace we want to make sure our kids are prepared.

Every classroom has a SMART or ENO board to help simplify on-the-spot learning. Additionally there are two computer labs, a classroom set of netbooks and a classroom set of laptops that every class has access to for their special projects.

All classrooms have at least one additional workstation for the students to use. Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Movie Maker are taught and used as tools to facilitate projects. Students in grades K-3 attend weekly technology classes and receive instruction on keyboarding, Microsoft Office products and safe, ethical Internet usage. Students in grades 4-8 employ these same skills in their core classes which helps aid learning and improves the students' understanding of different activities, projects and skills.

Teachers are continuously exploring technology and finding new ways to utilize it in their class. Web Quests, Smart or ENO Boards, Quizlet, PowerPoint presentations or other online activities are just a few methods used by our teachers to create interactive lessons. 

In addition to classroom exposure, students in grades 5-8 have a weekly Smart Time keyboarding class.

Students compete in monthly grade level challenges that keep typing interesting and fun.

Teachers are able to sign up at either of the two computer labs for additional hands-on learning.

Technology Highlights

Over 170 networked computers school wide 

On average, 2 computers in every classroom with printers 

Smart  or ENO Boards in every classroom 

Two instructional computer labs with a full-time technology instructor for all students 

Individual student response units available to every grade level allowing for immediate assessment of students 

1 set of 30 laptops and 1 set of 30 netbooks for classroom use 

Utilization of AscendSMS, an online school management system that allows student and parent access to teacher web pages, homework assignments, student grades and behavior.