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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Accelerated Math

At the beginning of each school year (and at various strategic points throughout the year) students in grades one through eight take the STAR Math Test to assess their computational skill and mathematical comprehension. Using the ensuing evaluations as a guide, teachers begin to enroll students in the Accelerated Math program, assigning objectives that are appropriate for each child's level of understanding and correspond to classroom instruction.

The program generates worksheets (practices) on which there are problems targeted to a specific objective. Students solve the problems and place the answers on a scan card. When time permits, students scan the answer cards, thereby generating a report which provides immediate feedback. If the student has been successful, a worksheet or practice is printed with a new objective as its target. If the student is unsuccessful, a practice is printed to provide additional work on the same objective. The computer also keeps track of objectives that have been passed and generates review questions at two week intervals to test retention. Because the record-keeping is done by the computer, the teacher is free to help students who have difficulties. Since the practices are focused on a few objectives it is easier for teachers and parents to identify small gaps of learning that may have been missed normally.

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