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Sunday, May 26, 2019


This video is the first in my series of SMART time videos for the 2015/2016 school year.  We'll be doing a lot of learning or re-learning of normal technology processes, using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher as well as (hopefully) some other fun tech things like a movie maker, screen casting, photo editing or website creation in addition to typing and keyboarding skills.


The quick link to our online typing program:





This PowerPoint video looks at how to save files both in our OLG environment and in general.


Once  you're finished with the video please click on this link: File Tree Management.docx 

After you've opened it, you will need to click on the big yellow "Enable Editing" button at the top of your page.  If you don't see the "Enable Editing" button, click on File and there should be a largish button in the middle of the page that says Enable Editing. 





This video goes through the short history of file saving and addresses questions like, Why does my flash drive have a letter next to it? Why is the icon of a floppy disk the "Save Icon"?


No real activity today after the PowerPoint video - just another video.  You'll love watching the Kids React to Old Computers Video that I've found.  Personal computers have come a long way!






No activity to do after today's video!  Go right to 


This video aims to show you all your options when you go to save your file and how important it is to save to more than one location.






Now that we know how to save ... let's get started on Word - this video looks to demonstrate copy and pasting from the Internet, modifying font size, style and color and editing pictures through cropping and resizing.


Click here for the Christina Rosetti "Color" Poem Activity.

Don't forget: You will have to click the yellow bar at the top: "Enable Editing."




This video addresses the use of tables and borders in Microsoft Word while integrating last week's lesson with copying and pasting appropriate images from the Internet.  Students will replace the text in each box with words, phrases or pictures depending on the text box instructions. 


Thanksgiving Place mat Activity
Don't forget: You will have to click the yellow bar at the top: "Enable Editing."


Students! If you want to save your work and finish it next week you can save it to the (S:) Shared on Server / !Smart Time Stuff folder






Intro to Excel using Art as an easy medium.  Learn some pretty critical vocabulary: cells, rows and columns and then use mouse and keyboard skills to select multiple cells.  Each cell has a number that corresponds with a color.  Complete the easy puzzle I created and then flip to Sheet 2 or Sheet 3 and create your own Excel Art Puzzle.


Click here for the Excel Art Puzzle

Reminder: Don't forget to click "Enable Editing"
















Week of 1/25/2016 - 1/29/2016


This is a reminder lesson on what we worked on before Christmas plus a little bit more. I go over changing the cell size by editing row height and column width as well as using a fill series for numbers and dates. I also touch on borders, which are fun. :)


I give instructions in the video on what I would like to see in your weekly or monthly academic calendar or study guide.  There is no link to download today.  Just open up Microsoft Excel. 


Week of February 8th - 12th

Today's SMART time lesson is more online creative than grounded classroom skill.  We'll be using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Silverlight (a flash-like program) in conjunction with Tagxedo, a free website that allows you to create word clouds, or wordles, in specific shapes.  


Your shape must be either the word LOVE or a heart shape

Your words reflect the people and things you love - remember to be school appropriate!  Also, your design will be more interesting with more words. 

Save it the Server/!Smart Time Stuff/Valentine's Day Tagxedo -- Save it as a 16MP JPEG.  Name it as YOURFIRSTNAME YOURLASTNAME.  I can't print it if it isn't saved there.

















No new video today - Please finish working on the Christina Rosetti poem or the Thanksgiving Placemat activity.  If you finish, go to


Have a fantastic Thanksgiving break!  Be safe! 





If I get to see you guys this week, it will be pure good luck.  With all the Christmas activities going on and the altered schedules we may not get a SMART time this week.  If I am lucky enough to see you, let's do some typing (I'll play Christmas music!). If you're really good, maybe some Holiday Games on





Let's ease back into this school thing after two weeks of Christmas break.


No new video - we're going to work on our typing skills today. Please sit up straight, feet on the floor and use all ten fingers. No lazy digits. 


After about 15 minutes of practice let's go to ABCya and this time we'll play some strategy games.  Let's get that creativity flowing again.



Hi Students!

As part of my easing back into school program, let's do a little bit of cyber security before we jump back into Excel.  

Please complete the Intel Think Before You Link program and print out the completion certificate at the end (in Black and White please) so that either I (Ms. Waltner) or your homeroom teacher can sign it.  I'd like to make sure everyone actually completes the program so after you've turned it in, I'll be checking to see who still needs to go through the training.  It is quick and semi-entertaining and focuses on the 3 C's of Internet Safety:  cyber-safety, cyber-security and cyber-ethics.


Think Before You Link!



Week of 1/18/2016 - 1/22/2016

What with Martin Luther King Day and the snow day on Wednesday and the possible snow day on Friday, let's keep today simple. If you have A-Math to work on, do so. If not, please work on your typing skills.