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Monday, November 20, 2017

Lunch Pricing

Hot Lunch  (includes milk): $2.85

Reduced Lunch Price (includes milk): $0.40  

Milk $0.50       Juicy Juice $0.65       Extra Entree $1.50

Students will order either the main entree or a daily alternative entree in the morning lunch count.

Snacks, bottled water, flavored water and ice cream are available daily for students in grades 4-8th. All snacks offered follow the USDA Smart Snacks guidelines.

Breakfast Pricing

Hot or Cold Breakfast  (includes milk): $1.50

Reduced Lunch Price (includes milk): $0.30  

Meal Payments

All students at OLG have an electronic meal account. It is expected that meals be pre-purchased by placing money on a student's account or paid for on the day of purchase at the register. Money can be put on a student's  account two ways 1) register for a K-12 PaymentCenter account and load money to a students account via credit card or 2) send in cash or check to the OLG Cafeteria to be electronically added to your student's account. If you have multiple students at the school, you may pay for multiple students with one payment .

O.L.G Cafeteria offers the K-12 Payment System to allow parents to view students meal history, payment history and to add money to their students account via credit card. Parents need to register for a K-12 PaymentCenter account in order to utilize these capabilities.  Register for a free account at www.k12paymentcenter.comA student's ID number is needed to initially register an account. This number is available by contacting the Cafeteria.


Please have the child's name on the check memo line as we have multiple families with same last name, as well as families whose student's last name differs from the name on the check. There is a $30.00 fee for returned checks.

Charge Policy

A child who forgets lunch money may charge lunch. However, any student charging more than three lunches will receive a PB&J or cheese sandwich & milk and will be charged $1.50 toward their account.

Beverages and snacks may not be charged. Chilled water and cups are available for packers who forget a beverage.

Packed Lunches

A student may bring a packed lunch into the cafeteria. Students may purchase milk or juice. Students are not permitted to bring soft drinks or gum.  In our efforts to promote healthy eating habits, Our Lady of Grace does not allow fast food to be brought into the cafeteria.


Breakfast served every morning from 7:30am to 7:50am.  Enter through the gym.

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